Capturing the pure soul of coffee

Booinga, 2017

Matosinhos, Portugal

Branding, Brand guidelines, Brand positioning




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A local coffee brand with roots in Mozambique

Booinga is a small coffee roaster based in Porto, focused on selecting and selling artisanal, freshly roasted coffee from around the world. Our challenge was to create a brand identity that could be applied across all the promotion formats and that showed the brand’s connection to Africa.

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Pure identity like artisanal coffee

The goal was to capture the purity of the coffee and mix it with the brand’s serious and honest connection with its customers. Thus, the brand’s identity was designed based on artisanal coffee beans, without hiding their imperfections and the name Booinga with a connection to Mozambique, that takes us wherever our imagination wants.

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Brand promotion formats

This was a very comprehensive work that began with the design of the logo, the characterization of the facade and interior of the store, the aprons used by employees, stationary, packaging of different formats, coffee mugs and gifts.