Terms & Conditions

Last Updated: 24-Out-2023
Effective Date: 24-Out-2023

General considerations

Ours Team Lda is headquartered in Aveiro, Portugal, and is therefore governed by Portuguese law, which is applicable to anyone who views our website, whether from a terminal in the national territory or abroad, as well as entities in relation to contractual agreement with Ours Team Lda, by any means of communication, such as mail, telephone call, chat or email.

Under no circumstances will Ours Team Lda be held liable for any damages arising from loss of profits or any business interruption resulting from, or in connection with, these Terms and Conditions. If at any time during the term of the contract or oral agreement the customer fails to meet acceptable credibility standards, Ours Team Lda reserves the right to invoice in advance and in full for any work.

Ours Team Lda can be replaced by power of attorney in the form of contractors, such as: graphic designer, photographer, programmer, consultant, administrator or assistant.

Intellectual property

All work or deliverables developed and provided by Ours Team Lda is protected by general copyright law. Ours Team Lda will always retain the intellectual property of the works developed, safeguarding your rights, namely the right to non-derivation under article 15 of the Copyright and Related Rights Code. Except for work carried out within the scope of branding projects, in which the client is granted the intellectual property of the brand developed, the client is not authorized to alter or derive work developed by Ours Team Lda, nor may they request delivery of the materials in an editable format. .

All content, information and elements necessary on the client’s side in the various phases of the project life cycle must be provided in a timely manner, free of charge and free of copyright charges, with the client being responsible for any copyright conflicts.

Design and development services

All work carried out by Ours Team Lda is based on the functional requirements outlined with the client and described in the specifications or budget. Ours Team Lda reserves the right to make additional adjustments for any subsequent changes, at the customer’s request, such as increased content or functionality.

Ours Team Lda declines any responsibility for non-compliance with the deadlines defined in the specifications or budget, whenever there are delays or interruptions in the delivery of materials necessary for supply, unavailability, or changes to the project by the client. The deadline for delivery of them is four weeks after the start of the project, non-compliance being considered a breach of contract, and Ours Team Lda may exercise the right to terminate the project and demand immediate reimbursement of the remaining balance.

Design and development costs do not include maintenance, updating, repair or configuration of on-site systems, graphic production, repairs or any third-party services, such as online transactions or credit cards. The services provided by Ours Team Lda may be presented in a supplementary quote when requested, with the remainder managed directly by the client.

Ours Team Lda declines any responsibility for changes made by third parties to the client’s website after delivery. These changes include modifications, deletions or installation of third-party components.

The award of the work is carried out in writing or by reply to the email with the budget proposal, with the client being immediately obliged to pay the agreed installment. Ours Team Lda reserves the right not to start work until it is resolved and to interrupt it when there are delays in subsequent payments, when applicable, and is also subject to late payment interest in accordance with current law.

Web services

Ours Team Lda reserves the right to receive and record personal data from all customers who subscribe or purchase any web service, be it Web Hosting, Domain, SSL Certificate, Maintenance, or other, this information being recognized as private and used, only and exclusively, for internal use in order to guarantee the proper functioning of the services and also for accounting management and control of their activation/suspension. At no time will it be provided or passed on to third parties without the prior registered and written consent of the respective holder of the information.

Information related to Marketing and/or other types of promotional information that may occasionally be sent exclusively to customers who request it directly from our offices or who have “consented” to receiving this type of information through the forms on our website www.ours.pt.

We ensure that we comply with all security requirements in order to keep data inaccessible to third parties without the holder’s prior authorization/consent and securely encrypted.

Ours Team Lda cannot be held responsible for any virus that may be transmitted to any computer on the server, or by email from customers or third parties, nor can it be held responsible for any loss, misplacement, misuse or access by third parties of any data captured or stored on the server, even using SSL encryption.

Ours Team Lda provides the best optimization service based on good practices and application of acquired knowledge, however, given the dependence on numerous factors controlled by third parties, it cannot guarantee the degree of success in the specific classifications to be achieved.

Ours Team Lda will not be held responsible for any URL, loss of domain or exclusion from Search Engines, resulting from external factors, including the poor quality of the client’s hosting, as well as does not guarantee that the client’s domain will achieve a position favorable, or even any position, within a given search engine.

We recommend that our clients host the platform(s) on a reliable server with constant availability to optimize results, and Ours Team Lda will not assume any responsibility for unsatisfactory results if the suggested recommendations are not followed.

Ours Team Lda reserves the right to cancel services with outstanding payment for more than 60 days, subject to late payment interest in accordance with current law.

In the event of a dispute, the consumer can resort to an Alternative Consumer Dispute Resolution Entity. More information on www.consumidor.pt
Portuguese law nº144/2015