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Arcalo — Gonçalo Chair, 2018

Entroncamento, Portugal

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Establishing the visual identity of the original Gonçalo chair

Arcalo is a metal furniture manufacturer. Renowned as the creator of the legendary Gonçalo Chair, the most iconic portuguese chair. Being a family business, Arcalo’s never made an effective effort to promote the brand or its original furniture. Therefore, we were assigned to develop a full showcase of Arcalo’s products.

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A flexible fan deck

Innovation and experimentation never stops at Arcalo’s Product design department, resulting in constant modification of its catalog. Inspired by color catalogs they are familiar with and in order to provide a solution that empower designers and sellers we designed a flexible and easy to use catalog made of independent product sheets, grabbed together with a corner axle.

Arcalo, Gonçalo Chair · Catalog ·

Arcalo, Gonçalo Chair · Catalog - Pages ·

Arcalo, Gonçalo Chair · Catalog - Details ·

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Photography and video

Capturing Gonçalo Chair Elegance with Susana Dixo

Susana Dixo in an enchanting dance with over 20 variations of the exquisite Gonçalo Chair, set against a dark, dramatic backdrop that amplifies the allure of each moment.
Arcalo, Gonçalo Chair · Photography with Susana Dixo · Arcalo, Gonçalo Chair · Photography with Susana Dixo · Arcalo, Gonçalo Chair · Photography with Susana Dixo ·

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Social media

Two social media formats used to highlight the product and historical context

Our goal was to increase community engagement and followers on Instagram and Facebook. We created 12 promotion posts highlighting the product in various contexts of use. As a result, followers and engagement was increased.

“Gonçalo Chair Original” post collection
“Gonçalo Chair Expansion” post collection
“Gonçalo Chair Legacy” post collection

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Crafting the Gonçalo Chair web experience

We developed Arcalo’s website with a participatory design approach. Brand integration, navigation and layout was iterated several times in small increments until client final approval.

Arcalo, Gonçalo Chair · Website ·