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SVP Auto, 2023

Coimbra, Portugal

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On-Brand corporate and e-commerce website with custom backoffice

SVP Auto is an auto parts supplier based in Coimbra with more than 3 decades of experience. SVP Auto already had a marketplace ecommerce solution but needed an independent digital presence to highlight featured products, capture new subscribers and publish job offers.

Thanks to our collaboration, SVP Auto now has a website that reflects their brand and provides a user-friendly experience for their customers.

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Clean design for a friendly user experience

We worked closely with SVP Auto to design and develop a new corporate website with a fully personalized user-friendly backoffice.

The webdesign is rooted in SVP Auto’s color schema assorted with an original icon family to illustrate its product categories. With a clean design and custom forms for car disposal and recruitment, the website provides a streamlined experience for visitors.

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Online shop

A design study for the future

The client also needed a webdesign study for future implementation.

SVP Auto, Auto parts · E-commerce web design ·

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Easier content changes

With features like easy activation of banner and promotional modal modules, SVP Auto can easily update their website’s content and promotions to stay relevant and engaging for their audience.
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