Gato Malhado


Design of a brand for all Generations

Gato Malhado, 2019

Aveiro, Portugal

Branding, Packaging

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Family and Personality in Brand Design

Gato Malhado has been a well-known brand in Aveiro since 1985. The store is dedicated to selling high-quality clothing for the whole family and home items.
OURS’ initial mission was to design a logo that conveyed the brand’s family values, never leaving aside the personality of the pet – the cat

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Gato Malhado, Clothing store · Facade ·

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Logo, facade and packaging – Simplicity with a feline attitude

Elegant typography, with details that refer to the subtlety of the feline’s tail and eyes. Serif lettering that refers to a high-end brand and the name in capital letters to affirm its position in the market. Creation of the symbol alluding to the cat to reinforce the name. From here, the business card and advertising media for physical and digital catalogs were developed.

Gato Malhado, Clothing store · Logo ·

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Gato Malhado, Clothing store · Advertising ·

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Gato Malhado, Clothing store · Business card ·

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Quality and prestige

A simple but striking façade like the feline was also created for the new store, alluding to the year the brand was created, logo and mention to its purpose – family.
The name Gato Malhado was applied in high relief to create prominence and give a prestige highlight worthy of big brands.

Gato Malhado, Clothing store · Store, facade ·

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Highlight and Glamour

When thinking about the design of merchandising bags, we would like to create a highlight. We therefore chose to use stripes that take us back to children’s imagination, vintage and glamorous decoration and even… the well-known Costa Nova beach.


Gato Malhado, Clothing store · Packaging ·


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