Fado Malvado


Portuguese Contemporary Music

Fado Malvado, 2021

Águeda, Portugal

Branding, Art direction




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Band launch, brand launch

Fado Malvado is a Portuguese contemporary music band, from Águeda, formed in 2019. Our mission was to design the brand, the 1st album, single music video and photo report.

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Brand Design “Fado Malvado”

The creation of the logo symbol was based on the main instruments of this musical group, the guitar/bass fret and the accordion bellows…three bars because, initially, the group had three members, Davide, Filipe and António.

The typography has a signature fusion referring to the mark of time (Fado)… and the typography (Malvado) has an influence on Argentine culture, inspiration resulting from the origin of the group, previously with the name “Trio Porteño” who played Piazzola, and other Argentine authors.
Fado Malvado, Portuguese contemporary music · branding · OURS.pt

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Album design

“Pontos de Passagem” Album Design

The album’s design was inspired by the paths we cross in life, the vanishing points and the doors we pass through. The blurred motion images represent ephemeral moments and the black & white takes us back to memories.
Fado Malvado, Portuguese contemporary music · Album design cover · OURS.pt
Fado Malvado, Portuguese contemporary music · Album design interior · OURS.pt

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Video Clip “Tempo”

Fado Malvado’s first single was released in April 2021, at a time when the country was timidly beginning to return to normal life after Covid19, “Tempo” – that’s what the debut song is called – served as a tribute to all those who work in the area of ​​culture – no just artists, but also technical staff and assistants – who saw their lives put on hold due to the pandemic.
The single’s presentation video reflected the goal of the song and was filmed at the Águeda Arts Center with the collaboration and participation of some employees of this cultural institution.

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Video Performance by dancer Carol Santos

Work carried out as part of creating a portfolio for dancer Carol Santos.

Artistic and Video Direction – Inês de Carvalho @ines.de.carvalho [OURS Team]
Performer – Carol Santos @cahsans
Music: Pontos de Passagem
Autor: Fado Malvado


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Photo report – Fado Malvado

Relaxed recording, in Black & White, with textures of time marks, and paths taken… vanishing points… Presentation of the group’s members and inclusion of photos in their first album and Press Release communication.
Fado Malvado, Portuguese contemporary music · Art Direction · OURS.pt

Sub secção A

Presenting Carol Santos

Registration for portfolio, representing the dancer’s movement, pose and performative sensitivity! Use of the same scenario as the photos of the group Fado Malvado, using the song that gives the album its name “Pontos de Passagem”.
Fado Malvado, Portuguese contemporary music · Carol Santos · OURS.pt