Renewed image of a sculptor work

Eurico Rebelo, 2013

Oliveira de Azeméis, Portugal

Editorial, Branding, Web design, Brand positioning, Development

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Building a new visual identity to a glamorous furniture designer

Eurico is a sculptor based in Oliveira de Azeméis who creates organic, sumptuous and creative metal furniture.

With more than 10 years of experience, Eurico needed a renewed image and a full showcase of his work.

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Global design for Eurico, Sculptor · Global Design ·

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Highlighting the beauty and depth of Eurico’s work

OURS identity solution is based on the artist’s commercial needs, seeking a balance between creativity and pragmatism.

The sculptor’s vision is organic and artistic, aimed at an audience that appreciates a luxurious and classic style. The identity is based on a clear and elegant classic type signature with metallic colors that highlights the materiality of the work.


Branding for Eurico, Sculptor · Global Design ·

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Visit card for Eurico, Sculptor · Global Design ·

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Photo & video

We used the perfect setting for filming and photographic reporting of the work: a 19th century showroom, with more than 300 metal pieces contrasting with the rough stone walls. Capturing the right light and subtle metallic reflections transport the work to an expressionist atmosphere.

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We embodied the originality of the work, in a catalog made up of a wide range of handcrafted sculptures, lamps, chairs, tables and metal furniture, organized in color guides. The content was translated into two languages ​​and the cover appears with clean photographic color.

Portfolio design catalogue - Eurico, Sculptor · Global Design ·

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The approach to web design prioritizes content and focuses on the user experience. We developed the Eurico website, giving importance to details to convey the refinement and originality of the brand through large-scale images combined with generous white space for text.


Website - Eurico, Sculptor · Global Design ·